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American Dad! was created by television comedic animator extraordinaire Seth MacFarlane and Family Guy writers Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman. This satirical American animated TV series is produced by Underdog Productions and Fuzzy Door Productions for 20th Century Fox Television and debuted on the FOX network in 2005.

Meet the Gang

Stan Smith - CIA employee who's always on the lookout for terrorists and is willing to do anything to protect his country and family.

Francine Smith - Stan's wife with a past party-girl life full of drugs and debauchery. She puts away her old image for the love of the conservative man she met after college.

Hayley Smith - Stan's teenage, left-wing liberal daughter who's attending community college. Stan loves her but that doesn't necessarily translate into trusting her.

Steve Smith - Stan's geeky son who is always on the verge of puberty. He never can quite go over the edge.

Roger - The proverbial sarcastic alien rescued from Area 51. He resents not being allowed to leave the house and expose the world to its secret, so drinking wine and smoking cigarettes is his hobby. He has become a master of disguise wearing a different outfit each time he gets to sneak out of the house.

Klaus - A German-talking goldfish (although we hear the accent more often than the actual language) who was a CIA experiment that went horribly wrong when they tried transplanting a German skier's brain into a goldfish. Klaus lusts after Francine and will take any opportunity that comes his way to be close to her.

Trivia: First shown as a preview after Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005. The opening sequence features changing gags as do other animated programs. Stan picks up the paper to read a different headline in earlier seasons, then in later episodes Roger rides with Stan to work in the car wearing a different disguise each time. Feel free to look around a bit.

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